Driven by enthusiasm, I developed into a hands-on expert on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) during my career, focusing on practical application. The tension between regulations and a pragmatic implementation is an ongoing challenge. The extensive experience I have gained in both large and medium-sized organizations (listed and non-listed) encompasses annual and interim financial statements and the related presentation, valuation, and notes as well as specific issues. It speaks for itself that I continuously keep my knowledge of the IFRS standards up to date and keep informed of related interpretations and of leading players in this field.

After my studies business economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I worked for seven years at PWC as auditor and completed my study as Dutch certified auditor (RA) and Dutch certified controller (RC). Subsequently, I worked almost two years at NIBC Bank, a Dutch bank. Since 2006, I focus through my company Reporting Support entirely to provide companies with advice and hands-on support on IFRS financial reporting challenges. My involvement varies with the needs of my clients, implementation projects of leases, revenue, financial instruments and/or the IFRS standards may require an involvement of serval days per week. Ad hoc support for isolated IFRS issues may take a few hours of less, when these questions arise, I aim to help on these questions as quick as possible.