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Driven by enthusiasm and purpose, I have developed into a pragmatic financial reporting specialist during the course of my career.
The tension that exists between the regulations and their pragmatic implementation is an ongoing challenge. Creating a good balance between these two and proper documentation are essential. Choosing the right form of communication that is aimed at achieving the desired result remains a fascinating puzzle. New issues contribute to the continuous development of my existing skills.

Over the years I have become a specialist in the area of issues relating to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and Dutch GAAP (Dutch financial reporting requirements included in Part 9, Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code and the Guidelines for Annual Reporting).

The extensive experience that I have gained in both large and medium-sized organisations encompasses annual and interim financial statements and the related presentation, valuation and notes as well as specific problems. It speaks for itself that I continuously keep my knowledge of the IFRS standards and Dutch GAAP (Dutch legislation and RJ guidelines) up to date and keep informed of the interpretations of leading players in the field.

My wide experience has made me an all-round IFRS specialist. Consequently, I am able to address a variety of issues such as financial instruments (including hedge accounting, commodities and derivatives), business combinations, impairment analyses of non-current assets, lease accounting, revenues, cash flow statements, intangible assets and property, plant and equipment, consolidation and the valuation of associates and joint ventures.

After obtaining a degree in business economics and accountancy from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I joined PwC Accountants N.V. In addition to nine years in accountancy positions, I worked as accounting manager at NIBC Bank N.V. My practical knowledge and experience cover both the audit and accounting aspects of the work field.

Since 2006, I focus entirely to provide companies support and advise in their IFRS and Dutch GAAP financial reporting challanges. My involvment varies with the needs of my clients, implementation project of leases (IFRS 16), revenue (IFRS 15) and/or financial instruments (IFRS 9) can require a few days per week. Ad hoc support for isolated IFRS issues can require only a few hours, when these questions arise. My clients operate in various industries.

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