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Reporting Support provides specialist services. The focus is on support for IFRS related issues. Extensive knowledge is also available on reporting in accordance with the Dutch GAAP regulations (Dutch financial reporting requirements included in Part 9, Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code and the Guidelines for Annual Reporting). Many group financial statements are prepared in accordance with IFRS and Dutch GAAP is applied for company financial statements for Dutch Companies.

Areas in which Reporting Support’s expertise and specialist knowledge of IFRS and Dutch GAAP can be used include:

  • special projects relating to matters such as:
    • financial instruments: recognition related issues, hedge accounting, amortised cost calculations, fair value analyses, impairment analyses;
    • acquisition projects: purchase price allocation, coaching or coordination thereof, support for communication with the accountant;
    • defining cash flow generating units;
    • impairment analyses of goodwill or intangible assets and property, plant and equipment;
  • the creation of a flexible shell for IFRS or Dutch GAAP reporting issues for your company;
  • the implementation of new or amended standards;
  • the implementation of changes in accounting policies;
  • the preparation of IFRS or Dutch GAAP annual reports;
  • the preparation of position papers or the analysis of problems (scenario’s);
  • the preparation or updating of accounting manuals;
  • support during audits for issues concerning IFRS or Dutch GAAP in connection with the financial statements;
  • financial analyses of IFRS or Dutch GAAP compliant financial statements;
  • training and coaching in the area of reporting in the form of, for instance, workshops, network sessions, knowledge events, brainstorm sessions or roundtable meetings;

Reporting takes place in the format of your choice. Specific formats are commonly used for certain services, including:

  • consultations with various parties: in the right form and composition, this is a powerful method to achieve the desired objective in an efficient manner;
  • meeting reports;
  • presentations;
  • notes;
  • calculations or scenario analyses.

Depending on the desired level of detail, references to the relevant IFRS standards and paragraphs or Dutch legislation or regulations can also be included in the final report.

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