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Complying with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) demands a lot from your organisation. The standards are extensive and complex. Their effects vary, depending on the nature, size and complexity of your organisation.

Reporting Support offers support in the form of expertise and capacity needed to meet the IFRS-requirements. Above all, realising practical solutions to your questions and issues requires good communication and customisation within the limits of the regulation framework. Reporting Support implements solutions in close collaboration with you, the client. The field of international reporting is complex and highly dynamic.

Reporting Support’s approach is based on listening carefully to your questions and requests, evaluating possible scenarios in collaboration with you and verifying the scenarios with the standards. Your questions and actual situation are complemented with extensive knowledge of and experience with the regulations to reach an optimal solution. Mutual consultation is important for achieving good results. The frequency with which such meetings take place depends on the duration and the complexity of the project. This leads to practical solutions that are appropriate for your organisation.

Despite the complex work field, the basic principle is always the same: good and clear communication leads to successful collaboration and an optimal result.

I will be glad to explain my approach in person.

Cees de Boer

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